Feds Investigating City/DDA Grant Swap

You won’t read about this in the Sun-Sentinel. 

We learned yesterday that the Feds have launched an investigation into the FTA Streetscape grant swap between the City of Fort Lauderdale and their Downtown Development Authority.


The DDA needs additional funds to stay solvent while lobbying for more federal funds to expand the WAVE Streetcar and to get a new Federal Courthouse Built. 

With that it mind, DDA and City Staff came up with a scheme to convert Federal Transit funds into cash for more lobbying. The City planned to swap $500,000 in cash for an $865,000 FTA Streetscape Grant that the DDA received via Broward County. The DDA planned to use the converted funds to lobby the Feds for more money.

The Sun-Sentinel refused to publish the story. 


City Manager Lee Feldman and Mayor Jack Seiler claimed: “We are not engaged in this transaction”…..

DDA in DCThe City is demanding $2900 for copies of the past two years emails between Feldman and DDA Director Chris Wren. They want almost $6000 for emails between Seiler and Wren. 

While Feldman is known as a tough negotiator, we’re betting that the Feds will persuade him to cut his prices on the public records.



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