The official audit is out. We think a few things were overlooked. Most significant is the unlawful use of Trust funds for Sun Trolley and the WAVE. Mass transit has never been a component of the Beach Redevelopment Plans. The Northwest Plan was amended over a year after the funds were illegally allocated. But…….we still have the lowest tax rate (4.119) of the twenty-five largest cities in Florida. Don’t believe me? Just wait five minutes and Jack will tell you about it again.

fortlauderdale freepress

On Tuesday March 15, 2016, the Fort Lauderdale CRA Board approved their fiscal year 2014/2015 CRA Annual Report. This report is required by law to be filed by March 30 with the City, Children’s Services Council, North Broward Hospital District, Broward County, and the State. This report details the agency activities from October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015.

A few minutes later, on the next item, they voted to amend their 14 year old Redevelopment Plan for the Northwest CRA.   

The Staff memo about the amendment to the CRA Redevelopment Plan states:

“Over the past three months, Staff oversaw the process of significantly amending the redevelopment plan for the NPF CRA for the first time in 14 years.”

The memo says:

“As outlined by Sections 163.360, 163.362(5) and 163.370, Florida Statutes, the redevelopment plan for a community redevelopment area is the governing document for all redevelopment activities…

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